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John Twynam's Iron Maiden MIDI Archive website is the home of the creator of over 90 percent of all the Iron Maiden MIDI songs. John resides in Canada and be sure to visit his homepage. If it wasn't for John, there would not be many MIDI songs on Iron Maiden. Thanks a million and keep UPING THE IRONS!!! Also, at his homepage is the list of other Iron Maiden MIDI artists who created the rest of these awesome tunes.

The Iron Maiden "Purgatory" site which includes pictures, information, updates on the band, guitar tabs, album images & many links to other Iron Maiden sites.

Iron Maiden T-shirts and Other Gear
All the coolest Iron Maiden T-shirts selected by outlet.

Andy Whittle's Iron Maiden Webpage
Information site with links to a huge 11 page gallery of iron maiden pictures.

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Thanks for visiting my personal version of an Iron Maiden Webpage. I consider myself a professional web designer, so a lot of care goes into each of my websites, most based on the MIDI and a "Famous Rock Band" that I have always enjoyed. I have already completed websites on the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Yes. I have also designed websites to include both: Movie Theme Songs (MIDI) and Classic Television Theme Songs (WAV). But perhaps my greatest project and most time consuming site was my "Philadelphia-based Oldies Website." I guess you are wondering what in the hell is that. I am a big fan of Oldies music and I also love Iron Maiden. Believe it! I am a headbanger from the 80s, before the Oldies movement started in the early 90s. Iron Maiden is also the only heavy metal group that I ever saw live in concert. I saw them perform in 1988 during the "Seventh Son Tour" at the old Spectrum in South Philly. I still enjoy listening to my Iron Maiden records after all these years and only have one more thing to say to you:

"Rock On Forever Iron Maiden And Up The IRONS!"