Record Label: Epic Records -> 09-23-1999
Recorded at One of the Following Places Listed:
Spaceward Studios, Cambridge (England); Kingsway Studios, London (England)
Battery Studios, London (England); Long Beach Arena, Los Angelos (California)
Compass Point, Nassau (Bahamas); Musicland Studios, Munich (Germany)
The Ishallen, Helsinki (Finland); The Scandinavium, Gothenburg (Sweden)
Barnyard Studios, Essex (England)

Produced by: Martin Birch, Steve Harris, Nigel Green, Will Malone and Iron Maiden
Record Label ID#: EMI EMDX 1097

Band Members:

Dennis Stratton
Paul Di'Anno
Steve Harris
Dave Murray
Clive Burr
Adrian Smith
Bruce Dickinson
Nicko McBrain
Janick Gers
Blaze Bayley

"Best Of The Beast Picture Gallery" includes many of the images found within the 60-page hardback book which was released along with the 1999 Iron Maiden 4-LP album.

Click on the record image at the left to visit the "Best Of The Beast" Album Image page. With four different records and eight sides total, there are 8 different Iron Maiden images on the center of each record. To me, there is nothing like real vinyl.


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